AceCo Micro-Shot Pepper Spray Dispenser

Machined from 6061-T6 billet aluminum in Boise, Idaho, USA, with a lifetime warranty against breakage—It is the last and only pepper spray dispenser you will buy. Starting from $125.

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By purchasing you agree to the following terms. State laws prohibit AceCo from shipping the pepper spray cartridges with the Micro-Shot to AK, HI, MA, NY, or WI.
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Customer Reviews

I bought it for my girl friend to carry, she hasn't had to use it yet "thank god" but we did practice with it and it's extremely easy to use (no scary intimidating loud noise or recoil) which is the main reason I got one for her. I would definitely recommend it to people men women or young adults, A+ in my eyes.

First Impressions – Wow!

It is clearly evident that there is a tremendous amount of engineering that has gone into this product, and I am duly impressed. The packaging is much smaller than I expected, but the form factor is near perfect in the hand. I have somewhat small hands and am very used to small pocket carry guns to which this is even smaller and more compact. It could conceivably fit very well into one’s pocket, coat or just about anywhere within the body. The weight and contour of the aluminum frame are very good and a perfect blend of softness and tactility, yet with the look and feel of a firearm. The forward serrations and grip contours are a very nice touch.

When reviewing products, I typically try to figure things out before reading the instructions simply to see how intuitive the design is. With that being said, I was a bit stymied by the removal of the cartridge and had to refer to the documentation. Alas my confusion was very short lived and I was pleasantly surprised at the absolute simplicity of cartridge removal and reinsertion (another nice engineering touch). Once again the engineering and attention to detail shows through.

For fun I even tried the unit in a few of my holsters (pictures coming soon). The Micro‐Shot fit snugly into holsters made for smaller guns which was fun to see. The fit is by no means ideal, but I could see where finding a holster would be beneficial, although with the stout 12 lb trigger, there is virtually no need for absolute trigger protection leaving pocket carry as a viable option. Lastly The circular design pattern on the grip is well suited for the overall look and adds a very nice visual appeal. The lanyard retention at the base of the grip is a love it or leave it affair, but I can see the potential value in the design. Overall it’s simply a very nice design which is exceptionally comfortable to grip and use.

This is by no means an exhaustive review, but rather a simple unveiling and first impressions.—Jeff, Level Sights Firearms Training